Iowa Civil Contracting places safety at the forefront of every project, from highway paving to bridge maintenance to barrier wall repair. We recognize our responsibility to safeguard not only our crew and client but also the traveling public. Every day, we use the best safety practices catered to each job’s individual needs. This ensures the work conditions and finished product account for everyone on the road. Our unwavering dedication to 360-degree safety is the foundation of our service offering.


At Iowa Civil Contracting, we go above and beyond for every client. Our diligence starts when we bid on a job, including highway patching, road paving, subbase installation, sidewalk construction, bridge abutment maintenance and more. We carefully consider cost, execution and delivery to provide the best possible service. By thoughtfully collaborating with clients, we understood and meet their expectations. This fosters quality relationships and workmanship from project inception to completion.


For over 45 years, Iowa Civil Contracting has managed more than a thousand state, city and county construction projects. Our success stems from a seasoned management team, who has a combined 181 years’ experience. Our work has taken us around the country to states including Iowa, Wyoming, Colorado, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Texas, Kansas, South Dakota and Florida. This experience has given us the expertise and resources to anticipate and tackle any challenge with ease. Iowa Civil Contracting produces quality results.

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Iowa Civil Contracting manages and facilitates an array of small- and large-scale construction projects related to pavement repairs and bridge maintenance. For both local and state-wide ventures, our specialty is restoring and improving highways, interstate systems, roadways and bridges.


Pavement Repair Full & Partial Patching, Subbase Installation, Joint Sealing, Dowel Bar Retrofit, Paving, Barrier Wall Repair, Sidewalks, ADA Ramps​
Milling Bridge Maintenance
Joint Repair, Joint Replacement, Structural Concrete, Epoxy Sealing


Our clients’ testimonials paint a vivid picture of how our expertise, experience and diligence create quality craftsmanship on interstates, highways, bridges, parking lots and more. We pride ourselves on our client relationships as well as our ability to meet their needs and expectations. We work as a team – a partner – with them to productively and collaboratively deliver what we set forth.

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