Iowa Civil Contracting manages and facilitates an array of small- and large-scale construction projects related to pavement repairs and bridge maintenance.

For both local and state-wide ventures, our specialty is restoring and improving highways, interstate systems, roadways and bridges. Our vast service offering includes concrete and asphalt paving, highway patching, structural bridge repairs, surface and full-depth replacement and more. For any given project, our crew consists of up to 100 professionals with the common goal to provide superior project management, implementation and delivery. At Iowa Civil Contracting, we’re a team who offers the highest standard of craftsmanship, expertise, safety protocols and innovation.

Craig Rhinehart

Randy Miller

Gary Rhinehart
EEO/Safety Manager

Gary Rhinehart
EEO/Safety Manager

Mark Rhinehart
Vice President

Brent Rhinehart
Vice President

Bryan Spriggs

Angie Olson
Payroll Clerk/Receptionist

Tamara Kolash
Project Administrative Assistant

Rick Tuttle
Equipment and Facilities Manager

Jose Castanon Sr.

Jose Navarro

our history

In 1972, we opened our doors in Victor, Iowa, as the family-owned Iowa Erosion Control.

In the late 1978, we moved into highway repair and subsequently bridge maintenance. As the years passed, we continued to grow, diversify and innovate in highway, interstate, road and bridge repairs and maintenance. Our expertise and reputation has taken us to more than 10 states around the United States, and each of those projects benefited from our deep-rooted history and diverse expertise.