Full & Partial Patching
Removing of selected areas chosen by the contracting authority; by means of cutting the full depth of the pavement; removal either by breaking and digging with an excavator or backhoe, or by utilizing a lift out method (lifting an entire slab). Replacing/adding steel as needed/desired by authority and replacing with new concrete and finishing flush with existing concrete.
Typically removing 3 to 5 inches off the top of the road by milling or other means at locations chosen by the contracting authority; sandblasiting the removed area clean and replacing it with new concrete finished flush with the existing concrete. The new concrete is typically bonded to existing concrete by a grout place immediately prior to concrete placement.

Subbase Installation
Removing the old road bed or subbase (area underneath the pavement, the roadway, or bridge approach), to a depth desired by the contracting authority or a depth of sound and suitable material, then typically replacing it with a granular material back to the desired elevation. Typically done before a full depth repair, or paving operation.

Joint Sealing
Sawing each joint in a roadway or parking lot etc.; to a desired depth; cleaning the joint with a power washer or sandblasting, and compressed air; then filling the joint with a suitable material.

Dowel Bar Retrofit
The addition of steel to a road that was paved without it. Typically done by sawing six 2 ó inch “slots” (like in the picture) on an already existing joint or crack in the roadway; jackhammering the area sawed to remove the old concrete to allow space for a new dowel bar inside the “slot”, elevating it off the bottom with a plastic chair, and then filling the slot with a grout to create a load transfer point at the existing joint.

From parking lots to interstate systems, Iowa Civil Contracting utilizes paving several methods, ranging from surface, to retrofit, to full-depth pavement repair. For all projects, we adhere to various schedules and working hours, including traffic flow, weather and special events. We work day and night shifts to complete projects, specializing in those with time-sensitive deadlines.

Barrier Wall Repair
Removing and replacing cracked or insufficient barrier wall at designated locations, by forming the open space, placing reinforcing and new steel, and replacing the concrete. Also, cleaning the wall and applying an epoxy sealer to increase the life of the barrier wall.

We will repair and replace sections of sidewalk to widen for the new standards; typically, this work is done with other major work on sections of streets.

ADA Ramps
This is the updating of the curb openings at intersections of city streets to meet the American Disabilities Act requirements. It is a multilevel job done in two stages so all requirements are met.

what we offer

Pavement Repair

At Iowa Civil Contracting, we manage pavement projects of any size. For highways, roadways, interstate systems, sidewalks and parking lots, we utilize various paving methods, ranging from surface patching to retrofit to full-depth pavement repair. Our seasoned team works day and/or night to complete projects within tight deadlines, while accounting for strict scheduling needs such as traffic flow, weather and special events.

Bridge Maintenance

Iowa Civil Contracting offers a complete range of bridge repair services, and we are constantly innovating our bridge maintenance techniques and processes. Our bridge repair expertise includes joint deterioration, winter expedites deterioration, expansion construction, bridge approaches and structural repairs (columns, girders and under-bridge). For each of these needs, we’re accustomed to working around strict schedules related to our client’s needs and the bridge’s traffic flow.

Trade Associations

Iowa Association of General Contractors (AGC) Nebraska Assoc. of General Contractors (AGC) Iowa Concrete Paving Assoc. (ICPA) Nebraska Concrete Paving Association (NCPA) South Dakota Assoc. of General Contractor (AGC) Kansas/Missouri ACPA (American Concrete Paving Assoc.) International Grooving & Grinding Assoc. (IGGA) American Concrete Paving Assoc. (ACPA) Oklahoma/Arkansas Chapter (ACPA) Colorado Contractors Assoc. South Dakota Chapter (ACPA)

Customer Service

At Iowa Civil Contracting, we recognize our customer base goes beyond contracted clients. Our valued customers include any pedestrian, cyclist and driver using our roads, highways, interstates, bridges, sidewalks and parking lots. We think about these people before, during and after every project, ensuring we deliver a high-quality, sustainable product that satisfies their needs as much as our clients’.